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Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford has been one of my all-time fantasies ever since 1977, when I saw him in Star Wars. Although in truth, it's more Han Solo that I fantasize about. The man of action, my kind of guy. I even have my WA license plate with HANSOLO. Don't have that car, anymore, but still have the plate!

But I like Harrison Ford, the actor, as well. Amazing how he always seems to end up in some of my all time fave movies. Just check out my movie section.

This is a photo and pseudo autograph I got about 10 years ago. I'd written him some fan letter and got this in return. I say "pseudo" because the autograph is actually printed on the picture. He didn't actually sign my copy.

But, let's not quibble about details, shall we?

Harrison Ford and Melissa Matheson

My niece, Amy, actually met Harrison Ford at an Amnesty International event that he was attending with his wife, Melissa Matheson, in NYC. She was accepting some award for something or other and Harrison was with her.

Amy ran into him in the hall with nobody else around and reported that he was just as nice in person as he seems to be on the screen. She also told him about her Aunt Mary in Seattle, who is such a big fan. And he said, "Send her my best."

Pretty cool, huh! Almost as good as meeting him for myself!

Click on the photo to see more pictures of Ford that Amy took that day.

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Last Updated Saturday, August 23, 2003