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What's New for December 6, 2003

A Fun Time on Ebay

A Fun Time on Ebay

I've really been having a great time on Ebay, lately, selling some unwanted items.

It all started with my DVD collection. Even though this is a relatively new collection, I'd already purchased a number of movies that I didn't really like or else that were coming out in newer, more deluxe versions. So, at the beginning of May, I started listing my unwanted discs.

EbayAnd I had great results! It was very gratifying to turn what I thought were useless bookends into cash.

After I exhausted all of the DVDs I wanted to sell, I then turned to my LD collection. Many of the LDs I had already purchased, again, on DVD. And many of them were just movies that I never saw myself watching anymore.

LD is a dead format so I didn't have quite as much luck as with my DVDs, but still I've managed to sell almost everything but a core collection of ones that I wanted to keep. From a low of $3.99 to as high as $62. By now, I've made more money on my sales than the cost of my new DVD collection. Can't beat that with a stick.

Check Ebay to see what I might be selling, today!

Well, that's it for this time! Be sure to stop by again for the latest news. I should have some more pictures up, soon, don't miss 'em!