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The Internet certainly has globalized our community. It used to be you counted your friends amongst the people you grew up with, or went to school with, or worked with. That's all changed.

Now, I count my friends from places all over the globe. Here's just a few links of my friends that have home pages.

The Mountaintop Eagle is owned and run by my sister, Stephanie Grubert. The Eagle is a weekly community newspaper located in Mountaintop, PA. Check out the local happenings!
Robin Check out Robin's Home Page Robin works for IBM in the sunny climes of Arizona. Robin writes only in lower case, ala ee cummings. (In e-mail, that is!) But he's got some great links on his site and gives a lot of info about himself.
Here's the home page of my good friends Sandy and Sean. I worked with both of them at the ill-fated, SCS/Compute, until we all escaped, to better things. Sean and Sandy Bethune
A great Irish friend, check out Brandy's Paradise. Brandy
So, that's it, for now

Last updated Tuesday, July 20, 2004